Error Failed To Start Print

I am trying to print a piece for a client. It is a rather bit piece but no where near the biggest the Form2 can print.
Preform took many minutes longer than usual to send this file to the printer over wifi but it did so without an error.

I can access the job within the printer menu, again, no errors. After acknowledging the on screen instruction regarding the resin cap, instead of advancing to the next screen where it shows print time remaining, I get a screen that just states “Error Failed To Start Print”. I can choose to dismiss the warning but for a 37 hour print, I prefer not to start on tenuous ground.

I found a single instance of this error in the help section where Formlabs responded to the OP but then it was cricket town after that.

Anyone ever see this? and what did you do to resolve it?

I’ve redone the Preform file twice and twice I get this error. The second time I got an error, something like your print was spontaneously deleted while viewing it.

Can it be the file, even though Preform didn’t detect any flaws?

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