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Error Code 246 on Form 3L while printing the laser alignment tool

Hi, have you ever experienced error code 246 with their Form 3L?

Firmware: rc-1.8.5-277 (it says up-to-date)

I was printing the laser alignment tool – and the print failed towards the end with the following error:

“Unfortunately your print has unexpectedly failed with error code 246”


Hi kadiru,

I had the same problem yesterday (Jan 5, 2022), Form 3L, Clear Resin V4, Laser Alignment Job. Firmware version: rc-1.8.6-378 (15 Dec 2021)

I started to print the laser alignment tool after I had serious problems printing anything. I had the error code 246 and the part looked like this (no structures visible on the part, something hanging down on one side)

Sorry I cannot help you right now, but maybe it helps in the long run if we collect information here.


If you can’t print successfully, how are you expected to be able to print a laser alignment tool so you can diagnose the printer? Seems a little catch-22-ish to me.

Firmware on the 3L was rolled back because of field issues. Check your status in preform and see if there is an notice to update your machine back to the previous firmware issued in December.

It caught me by surprise this morning when looking for updates. I downloaded it and it stated 1.7.6-357.

Same 246 error happened to me on the same (latest) firmware. Lost two big prints and a lot of time. Rolled back as suggested. Thank you for the information Titon!

My printer downdated today, too. I will make a print and let you know, if the print works.

The firmware rollback worked. I have not tried the laser alignment test, but normal printing is back to normal.