Error 111 on new Fuse 1+

I am attempting to start a test print on our new Fuse 1+ 30W
Material: Nylon 11 CF
Atmosphere: Nitrogen
Firmware Ver: rc-1.17.0-2024

We got the gas hooked up and printer pressurized successfully. Everything seems good to go when we kick off the print, but about 15 mins into the print, after spreading a layer of powder and before any sintering, the printer fails due to Error 111: “The print was aborted because Fuse Vision encountered an error while trying to communicate with the camera. Power off the printer with the rear power switch for 30 seconds, then try printing again.”

I cannot find any information about Error 111 in online forums or troubleshooting guides. When I restarted the print, I could not see a Camera Feed through PreForm, it only showed a black screen, and the print failed with the same Error after about 15 minutes again. I’ve submitted a ticket and uploaded diagnostic files, but wondering if anyone has had this issue before. Any checks I can do?

Hi @areebm,

Thank you for getting in touch. Camera issues of this nature are rather unusual, so it will be best for Support to take a look into this. I appreciate your patience in the meantime.

You can check all error codes at this page

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