Entire Model Unsupported Minima

I’m trying to make a print directly onto a piece of metal, similar to my previous topic (Printing directly onto solid object)

I’ve had success printing simple shapes, but now I want to print some shapes that need multiple points of contact with the metal baseplate.

I’ve got what I think is a valid model, but preform thinks that the entire model is an unsupported minima!

Is there any way to ignore warnings and print anyway?


It’s just a warning. You can always ignore it and print anyway.

Could you share a picture with the minima highlighting turned on? It is possible that the bottom of the part isn’t quite flat and some of the minima that appear to be on the build platform actually aren’t.

Here’s an example of how it should look.

All of the walls of the maze touch the build platform, so it says there are 0 minimas. If one of the walls was a little shorter and didn’t quite touch, then it would get drawn in red.

Thanks for that, I will try printing anyway!

I’ve checked the model outside preform, and I’m pretty sure it all contacts at the same height.

What I want to print:

Unsupported minima:

Yikes. I’d try sliding the slicing slider to layer 1 to see if layer 1 has any material. If you DM me the .form file, I could take a look.

Yeah, if one of those pins is a little longer than the others it might be pushing the rest high enough that they’re missing the first layer. It’d be good to check.

Thanks for all the responses.

Looking at the layers individually, I must have added some roughness on the bottom of the model somehow. I’ll try and fix the model and see what happens!


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Out of curiosity, what layer thickness is this? To have barely anything by layer 4 I’d imagine it’s 25 µm or else very rough surface texture?

25 µm and quite a lot of roughness. I don’t need this detail but I thought it might make the problem show up more clearly.

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Thanks. This is helpful for us to understand the ways in which this new visual feedback can be confusing.

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