Emphasize ‘best practice’ for the use of the Form1

The word Prosumer is a little vague, does Formlabs sufficiently emphasize ‘best practice’ for the use of the Form1?

It’s presently fragmented disjointed instructions from Formlabs, a linear step by step best practise is needed.

(follow on) on how users can get the best from the Form1. Oh so many posts have been from users who just have not fully understood what Prosumer means regarding the personal commitments in both time and money for the ‘cost of ownership’ of a precision piece of kit.

The Form 1 is an aquarium with $3k+ of Kio not a goldfish bowl with a couple of goldfish.

This is a great suggestion, Marc. We’ve been working on improving our Quickstart Guide (https://formlabs.zendesk.com/forums/21897813-Quick-Start-Guide), but we still have a lot of room to make it better.

Cheers Sam, Wish I could, unfortunately can’t help Sam no Form1 delivered!

“Any containers holding isopropyl alcohol should be kept closed or covered when not in use”.

Issues when draining with current set up.

Very much in danger of communicating with myself!