Eleven from Stranger Things Season 2, Xmas gift

Hey folks, I’ve been printing things for family gits this year and my Niece requested Eleven from Stranger Things Season 2. Here’s the sculpt I did in Zbrush, printing tomorrow.


Looking forward to seeing the print. You should enter this into the Holiday Contest thread :slight_smile:

Awesome job! Congratz!

R u sharing? :smiley:

Maybe version 2 , I’ve already redone her face a bit!!

Yes I should! Let me print it first

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This is actually my 3rd out of 6 Xmas gift prints

Its printing now. My biggest hurtle is I ran out of time to split up us much as Id like so its jammed on one print platform … wish me luck.

Email me jakethegreat!@gmail.com and I can probably share something if you want a print. I’ve gotten contacted to possibly produce one for molding after some more refinement so not publicly sharing.

Hello Jake,
Not able to email you. I would like to print this.

Until I get it where I want it, I’m keeping it to myself, but after I might share it. Yeah Darreng …I saw your email but it bounced when I responded