DIY Heated Curing Chamber from dehydrator and a bucket

I have come up with my own solution based almost entirely on off the shelf parts.
Total build cost: $69 (not including $30 turntable). Majority of time was spent wiring up LEDs.

  • a food dehydrator from Amazon (heats to 60C) $35
  • a metal bucket from the hardware store $10
  • UV LED light strips from amazon $16
  • a wire basket as a spacer $1 (dollar store)
  • a turntable (prob not necessary) $30 from amazon
  • a digital thermometer from amazon $7

Drill hole in top middle of bucket for wires to exit. Use bolt cutters or dremel cutoff wheel to remove the handle attachment loops from the bucket so it sits flat on the dehydrator.



An interesting concept. Thanks for sharing.

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This setup doubles as a filament dryer for those who also FDM print.

I just started out using engineering resin. Googled and found this! Excellent! :slightly_smiling_face: