Hey FormLabs

Are you planning on setting up a distribution model to help sell and support your machines in different countries?

Hey guys,

I am also interested to hear your plans for international distribution, particularly New Zealand / Australia.



I’m extremely interested in an exclusive international distribution agreement for wholesale and retail sales in Costa Rica.


we are interested in talk with you about distribution in Italy and Europe, please contact me, I sent you an email, but I had no reply.


Mario Nizzoli

Thank you everyone for your interest in distributing for Formlabs. We are currently planning out our partner strategy to help support our customers abroad, but we are not actively seeking distributors at this time. All inbound requests are recorded and if interested, we will reach out appropriately when the time is right.


Per Mario Nizzoli

salve Mario, finalmente trovo un italiano nel forum di Formlabs.

Penso che anche tu abbia acquistato una Form 1.

Se ti interessa scambiare qualche idea su questa macchina e sulle stampanti 3D, potremo sentirci.

Ti lascio la mia e-mail:   maurocampana01@gmail.com

Ciao   Mauro  Campana

We are official distributors of LG Telecom in Spain (Europe) and we are interested in the distribution and technical service of your products in Europe.
If you are interested in this option, please contact us at +34687764584 or info@gento.net
Luis Candela