Any thoughts on establishing distributors around the world?

Hi, guys

I come from China and I am thinking to set up a distributor of Formlabs in China. I know many of you have the same idea as mine. But I don’t know if Formlabs is willing to do that or not. But I still want to share some of my thoughts on that.

Some Reasons:

  1. Shipment

Although Formlabs can ship their products worldwide now, shipment fee is so expensive and shipping time is so long.

  1. Consumable items

As we are using our Form 1, the consumable items will be the most product we have to re-buy every period. But now we can only order it online and it just takes time and money again.

  1. Market demand

Not to say that in detail, the market demand of 3D printer in China is huge, but the market now is massive. No official product. No technical support. Faked products everywhere.

  1. Retail Store

It is always a good way to introduce product directly in a retail store. People can get to know the detail of product and support.