Distorted surface on acrylic resin tank. How to resolve it?

Hi guys, I’m having trouble with thoroughly cleaning the resin tank for Form 1 edition. Recently, I have coated the resin tank with SYLGARD 184 for protection. After 48 hours of curing, the surface sort of have these tiny circles/distorted surface as if external objects/fluid disrupt the curing.

I thought it was just the SYLGARD 184 coating layer, it turns out the distortion was dented on the acrylic surface of the resin tank.

If you have any idea on how to resolve this, I would be very much thankful.

I ran into this when I first started re-coating my tanks.
I found it to be a mixing issue.
When you do your mixing start in one cup… mix
Then pour into a new cup and mix some more.
This should stop your issue of non mixed sylgard spots.

Ohh I see. That’s a great tip though, but how did you manage to scrap off the distorted spots on the tank? it seems to be hardened and it won’t come off. One might think the SYLGARD corroded the surface of the tank and left a permanent mark.

I have never ran across a issue with the tank window being damaged when removing the sylgard layer.
If you do have damage to the window I would replace it with Borosilicate glass or scrap the tank.