Disposal of water with nylon powders

How should we dispose of water that includes nylon powders? Can we just dispose into the sewers?

We have purchased the Fuse 1 and Sift recently, and noticed that there are leftover powders on the surface of the printed parts, no matter hard we brush the surface. Plus, when we tried to print a complicated pneumatic pipes, the internal space were unreachable therefore it was impossible to get the powders out of the print.

Although the recommended finsing method is to use sand-blast, we could not afford to get that system in our workspace.

So, we are trying to find an alternative finishing method using water such as ultrasonic cleaning or using high pressure water. But we are concerned about disposing the used water, because there were no information about it.

Will it be ok to just dispose the used water into the sewers or should we treat it seperately?

Hello @bhsong -

Thank you for reaching out about powder disposal. Looking at our page on Powder Disposal any unsintered powder should be disposed of in accordance with your jurisdiction’s plastic waste regulation. This would include water with powder in it.

Kind regards,