Dental SG Curing in Otoflash?

We print a lot of surgical guides with Dental SG. We are currently using FormCure with the recommended settings, but it takes a long time and due to the presence of oxygen in the curing chambrer, the resin never fully cures (outside layer is sticky).

Does anyone know if Dental SG resin can ben safely cured using the Otoflash curing unit?

If so, should we cure with or without Nitrogen?

Hi Apex

Have you considered curing the SG in Glycerin B.P. (Glycerol) . Submerge parts in say a glass bowl filled with Glycerine B.P. and cure as normal. The Glycerine B.P. keeps the ambient air away and it washes off very readily under water then quick sanitise with IPA or 70/30 IPA/sterile water.

Using Nitrogen gas, you will need to purge thoroughly to displace the air (78% nitrogen gas) possibly by vacuuming first then backfil with N2 gas.

Just a thought as Glycerin B.P. is pretty cheap.

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