Delay of printing

Hello everybody,

My printer prints correctly but it takes it 30% more time to print compared to the expected printing time.
Is there something that would explain that it slows down ?
Should I lubricate the Z Axis ?

Thank you for your help,
Yoann Delmas

Your printer is not faulty and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s a known issue :

It’s good to talk about it again though, I think we’d all want this accuracy issue to be resolved :wink:

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Thanks for the information, so my printer isn’t slowing down ?
It would be a software issue ?

Yes, Formlabs seems to be having issues with accurately predicting the print time. For now we can only assume it’s a software issue in preform, as there is nothing pointing toward the printer itself… I mean no one that I know of bothered to run and time identical prints on different printers.

I am not certain but I think the miscalculation of print time might be due to the checking of resin level and refill procedure. My guess is that this is not taken into account when calculating print time.

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