Curing distortion

Hi folks.

I’ve posted before about print orientation and part distortion, but after a load of testing recently I’ve found parts are coming out of the printer pretty near blue print, which I’m very happy with.

However, not so after the Form Cure. This is where the distortion is coming in, due to an object’s thickness, complexity and shape not all parts are going to heat evenly, or at least warm and and cool down uniformly. With most cooling processes edges and corners will pull towards the centre of mass, where the heat is, and this appears to be what I’m suffering.

I haven’t tried curing without heat, as far as I can see this would be fruitless as the resins need heat to cure properly. Before I go wasting another litre of expensive gloop does anyone have any experience of curing at low temperatures, no temperatures? Things to be aware of?

Many thanks.

It depends on the material. I’ve found that on the standard resins being very careful with the curing can help the thinner parts avoid warping. So basically making sure that the curing is very even and not doing too much works well. You can probably also avoid using the heater and it’ll still be OK.