Cured elastic resin smell


Hi all, what do you do with the elastic resin smell? After curing it still smells like not cured resin.


I haven’t used Elastic. But if it still smells really strongly of resin, you may not have completely cured it.


This is the problem, I try t cure it in different ways, the best was in the water. After water curing it not sticky. Curing in 60C + UV for 20 minutes like the guide is saying gives me a sticky part. After this, I start curing in water. But both methods give me the smell of resin, it is not so stinky like uncured resin but still a strong smell.


Many resins won’t cure if they’re exposed to Oxygen. Which is why you need to cure these resins underwater.

What are you using to cure? Are you sure the UV light source is the right wavelength and power level? Curing doesn’t just cure the surface, the entire print is still “green”, partially uncured. Even if the surface is cured enough that it’s not sticky, the interior of the print will still “outgas” uncured resin if the entire print is fully cured.


UV nail dryer. With the rest resins, it is working normally.
Also after 1 day, its smell becomes less stinky.
Soon will make a more powerful lamp with 405nm leds.


Leave it in the nail dryer, under water, for overnight and see. You’re probably just not curing it well enough with your home-made solution. I have a LED Curing Jar (search the forum for build instructions) but I know it’s not bright enough for quick post-cure. I leave my prints in the jar overnight. The LEDs are on the outside of clear lexan jar, so I can fill it with water for resins that need that.


I am now building a curing lamp for 30 Watt it is only a little less than Formlabs. I think it will work much better.
Also for the grey resin, I don’t like to cure in the water, because prints become white grey color.