Seeping resin after being cured

Ive been having issues with my prints continuing to seep resin after curing. Am I not keeping the print in the alcohol bath long enough or not letting cure long enough? Last night I let my model cure over night and its still not completely cured.

@fixateddesign If you have a print that refuses to cure, it is probably due to the presence of oxygen. Just put the part in glycerine and it’ll cure in just a few minutes under UV.

How long do you put it in the IPA?

Probably 10 or so minutes.

What resin? How are you post-curing? Define “seeping” in more detail.

If what you really mean is that the surface is still a little tacky, that’s fairly common/normal. If what you mean is that liquid resin is oozing out of the surface like beads of sweat, that’s something entirely different (and definitely not right).

If the surface is still sticky, then submerge the print in water and cure it, won’t take long for the exterior to cure that way.

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