Post cure waterbaths

I read that you can post cure in the uv chamber, flexible parts in a water bath. Can you do this with all resins?

You can, but what I recommend doing–after IPA you can rinse it under water and then place it in a container of water and place that in your UV chamber, keep it in there like 5 minutes and then take it out of the water and dry it, and then put it back in the UV chamber for 30-45 minutes to finish curing.
Use room temperature water, rather than hot water otherwise it can warp the print.
The main purpose of curing it in water is to get the outside of the part cured, air will prevent the resin from curing so the water keeps the air away. When doing this, keep the light low otherwise it will start curing where the water is on the part and you can end up with noticeable spots on the print, even from regular indoor lighting.

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