Curing Procedure

I’ve read the formlabs article about how best to post cure 3d prints. ( We have a ‘homemade’ UV curing box with 405nm wavelength light. We also have 2 curing ovens that we use for vacuum casting. The problem I have is that the LED UV light strips will not sustain the 60 degrees Celsius recommended to cure. So what order should my curing procedure be? IPL first, then UV cure then oven? Perhaps another way around or does it not matter at all?

Here’s what I do
-rinse with IPA, let the print sit in a container with IPA for about 10 minutes
-rinse with warm water
-fill the second container with water and put the print in and put the container with it in your curing box, I do 30 minutes in the water, 30 minutes out of the water

It’s important that you keep the lights turned down until you put the print in the water container. Since oxygen prevents curing the water blocks oxygen and starts to cure under light, when you have the droplets of water on there it will start curing on those spots and it will be noticeable. So to avoid spots on the print you submerge it in water before turning on the lights. I usually have a small light in the corner just so I can see what I’m doing.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the heat, I use warm water and the UV lights do heat things up a bit

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