Cross-Bracing support material

It seems like a lot of us are having trouble with “large” prints. I am also having issues, as these prints tend to be unstable. They can develop ‘ripples’ easily, or fail altogether.

Most of the fixes seem to be trying to stabilize the support system. This is done by thickening the base, allowing the part to be closer to the base, adjusting the build platform height, adding density, and adding touch-point thickness.

However, this can still cause wobbly and uneven supports, because regardless of whatever else you do, when you have a thin stick sitting in resin from 4-5 inches away its just going to move.

At a certain distance from the build plate, support material should start to cross-brace with itself. This would happen at a diagnosed length, and it would bring stability to parts of large size. This would avoid the scenario of the six inch long single support stick that completely misses the part. I know I have seen that happen before.