Cricut Spatula for removing small, intricate parts from the Build Platform

Hey all,

Here’s another tip that I acquired from my FDM printing experience that applies to Form operation. The cricut spatula is an excellent tool for removing/prying off small parts from build platforms. For small prints (ex: jewelry) that are susceptible to damage, consider using a smaller implement such as the cricut spatula instead of the provided larger spatula … the cricut is metal, and has a slight flexibility, but I just tried it on some small builds, and the success and ease was worth recommending for others. It’s easier to use, and if you do manage to slip during prying, it’s not as forceful as the larger spatula.

It’s not exactly inexpensive, but it is designed for this sort of thing, so I personally think it’s worth it …

You can also find them at Joanne’s Fabric chain stores here in the US.


P.S. Yes, I drilled a hole in the end of mine so I could hang it. I recommend that as well. :slight_smile:

Hey Scott,

I picked up this tool and it works great.  Regardless of my print size, I start off w/a razor blade tool and then use this…so much easier than other tools I was using, as it’s very thin, but strong.

Thanks for letting us know about it.


Hmmm … Is this Patrick or “Jackie Ho”? :wink: Regardless, glad to hear it’s working for you!

I am tending to shy away from sharp cutting tools when wearing gloves and working with slippery resin … but I imagine the exacto knife is a good tool to have around, to start the process of removal, particularly if it’s a stubbornly adhered print … even with the notches in the support foundation. Good tip also.