Cracked cover and sheared fasteners

Hi everyone. After a long wait (ordered in early May), my Form 3 arrived. Unfortunately during unboxing, I noticed the top of the lid (black C-bracket) was loose and discovered the connection fasteners all sheared at the point of their adhesion to the underside of the bracket, making the cover hinge inoperable.

Also, the back orange cover had a large crack in the upper left hand corner.

FL Support is processing the ticket, but I suspect I’ll need to send back my Form 3 to wait some more for another unit. Disappointing experience.

Anyone else encounter this issue upon unboxing?

Its seems it was damaged during shipping, even if someone experianced somthing like that, the only way is to replace it.

To FormLabs credit … they expedited another unit and allowed me drop the damaged unit with FedEx. I only lost a week, and the new unit arrived in perfect condition and works beautifully.

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