Covid Assistance

When Covid hit, we stopped a lot of work projects in order to take on research and development of Covid testing capabilities, new sample taking technology and detection. I worked on new designs for swabs, and a saliva capture system.
The picture here is of my swab design. I actually got a patent submitted. I was told it tested well, and was comfortable to use. Doesn’t seem like it went anywhere though. The idea was that it needed to pickup and hold as much mucus as possible and be comfortable to use. (all printed in Surgical Guide)


This is my saliva capture. It started out as just a tube because supplies were short and I needed a tube to design the capture around. We got a mouth piece done and a “cutting blade” made that fits down in the tube. In the lid, is a sealed solvent /buffer that helps break down the saliva and stabilizes for process. So you put saliva into the vial with the mouth piece. Remove the mouth piece and as you twist the cap on, it releases the buffer into the saliva sample. Shake well and then deliver to the lab for testing.
Well, that was the plan anyway. We did a lot of testing on it. All printed in Surgical Guide.


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