Completing the Matte Lineup With New Black and White Resins

Earlier this year, we released our first matte material, Grey V3, and today we’re excited to complete the matte lineup with new Black and White Resins. The new materials bring a smooth matte finish and improved accuracy to our remaining opaque resins.

Many of you have noticed that the latest PreForm release includes settings for Black and White V3, but if you’re not on the latest version make sure to grab it here!


Are there plans to keep the glossy V2 resins? Sometimes it’s nice to have a shiny part without a bunch of polishing.

The newer materials do excel in print performance and feature resolution so we are phasing out earlier versions. A glossy clear coat might work well for parts that need a bit of shine.

Which resin has the highest detail?

Awesome! About to order more resin, and considering getting one of these. Are you releasing a new high temp resin in the near future?

I was wondering when Formlab will decide to produce colorfull resin??!!
Thank you!!


Grey V3 still has the highest feature resolution of any of our Standard Resins but the new Matte Black and White Resins are close by.

I keep wondering where to find Formlabs Rook model.

We don’t publish our sample part models (read the rook’s origin story here), but Make designed a similar rook which you can find here.


Any news about Clear V3?