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Colored Resins!


Hey guys I have been testing some colored resin from MadeSolid and am absolutely loving it.  It’s a lot thinner, cleans up with soap and hot water(no more Isopropyl!), and prints with a great finish.  Ive attached some pictures of a Jet turbine I printed with the interior in MadeSolid’s Gloss Black and the exterior printed in Form Labs clear.  Pretty cool result!

The batch I had was a little brittle, but they have told me that the next batch should be much stronger.  I’ll let you know once I get my next set of colors

MadeSolid just started an Indiegogo campaign selling their colored resins at a discount if you get in early!  Go Check it out!  Also any question you have about printing with their resin I’d be happy to answer.


They should add more early bird 6 liter packages in order to reach their goal…


Based on the photos I’ve seen, the surface quality seems worse than the the Form1 resin. Do you have better macro shots, so that we can see the surface?

Do you know if these resins are lost-wax castable?


An object that has a semi-gloss or glossy surface finish and is black or very dark will always define surface changes better than other colors and finishes. Thats why many people realize a little late that, although dark colored cars are cool looking, the dark color and glossy finish accentuate dirt, scratches and dents.


I’ve printed with a other mixed resins on the form1 with better surface quality. The poor surface quality usually suggests that the resin doesn’t cure fast enough and doesn’t stop the laser from curing around the dot and past the slice thickness.

Anyway, let’s see some close-ups.


@Alexander those early early bird packs were just for us Beta testers, hence the limited number

@Monger Designs Attached are some pics of the engine up close.  The cone at the end was washed in IPA which dulled the finish and made it very brittle.  The rest of the body has a much better finish because I just washed it in hot water and soap.


@Monger Designs      A reply from the MadeSolid team

"In response to your question on Lost Wax resin, we haven’t developed a Form1 compatible resin specifically for lost wax casting. We have not yet attempted to cast the resin that we currently have either.

In addition to the Form1, we have resins that we developed to work on other printers, such as the B9, which is a printer used primarily for casting. I feel that we will develop a Casting Specific Resin in the future, although, with the Form1, we are greatly limited by the software."


I give up. Will be casting the b9 resin mix next week. If it doesn’t work, my Form1 will be for sale.


Congratulations all who are still waiting! you are 1 step closer to getting your printer because I just pulled the plug. No correspondence on what is taking so long and no visible effort to develop a castable resin. no visible effort to communicate at all!


@Bob Krug  I think you meant to start your own thread possibly?

and by the way, I don’t think Form Labs ever promised a castable resin besides saying they were experimenting with it.  Getting mad over a feature that was only hypothesized is kinda pointless.  The printer does wonderfully what it was advertised to do at the time of Kickstarter and since.


Agree with Dylan Jackson. Form labs never officially promised a castable resin. However they mentioned on numerous occasions that they are working on it, and that it’s a high priority (even during the webinar). The point is, that a lot of people, including me, got the form1 in hopes of using it in our jewelry businesses, and we are not blaming them for not having the castable resin yet, but we do need to know if we should keep our form1 or not. Because if they are going to release castable resin in 6 months for example, it may not work for us. Also, I think they need to allow us to be able to use other 3rd party resins if we choose to, and to do that they need to unlock access to the curing times, layer thickness controls etc. That would be the fair thing to do I think.


@Dylan Jackson

I didn’t say it printed poorly or even that it wasn’t a good printer because i believe that it is a good printer. However the lack of communication everyone should be worried about. I also didn’t say i was mad.


Agreed 100% with that @Monger .  I completely understanding being anxious about the casting resin as it directly correlates to your business.  My last statement was more directed at Bob Krug.


I have always wanted more colors, so I supported this so I could get some of that lovely blue and pink resin. :slight_smile:


I especially want pure white or anything close to white material, is it possible?


Yes @lock if you follow the link one of the colors they offer is white


I backed the MadeSolid Resin at the Super Bird - 6 Liters MS Resin ($400 USD). Due to work travel I cancelled my order for a Form1 even though I would still like to use one but I still wanted to back the MadeSolid effort.

I have 6 Liters broken down into these quantities:

2x 1lt White

2x 1lt Blue

1x 1lt Black

1x 1lt Pink

I live in the northern VA area and am looking to sell these together.

Please contact me,


Looking to see if anyone is interested in the deal above. I will also include .5l more of black.


Updating this thread with Color Kit, a new option for creating colored resins on the Form 2. Color Kit includes a Color Base material that can be mixed with 5 pigments to create uniformly colored prints with high detail and surface finish.

The Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Black, and White pigments allow you to create an infinite number of color options. We’ve included 16 calculated blends and a web tool that allows you to determine the ratios needed for your specific color. Both the Color Base material and pigments are available for purchase individually and you can check them out here.


Currently I using only the color kit to match colors for certain prints, but I need to get something that is a little more vibrant than the pale pastel colors that I am able to achieve.

Does anyone know of any colorants that will work with the Formlabs Color Base resin and achieve other colors the are deeper, richer or more vibrant?