Clear V4 Resin is adding 22% more layers and taking 40% more time to print

I started using the clear v4 and my layer count is increasing ~22% and increasing in layers and ~50% increased print time.

If you open any scene, and take the model and switch it from V3 to V4 clear, you see the layer count jump up. For example my file which has been printing in 8 hours with 878 layers at 25 um, is now 1072 layer sand takes about ~14 hours!

I have tested this in OSX and PC with multiple files.


Thanks for pointing this out! It looks like there’s a bug which causes the base layers of Clear v4 to be printed at the set resolution instead of a more coarse resolution that’s used to speed up raft printing. The difference in print time is caused by the increase in the number of raft layers.

I’ve forwarded this to our team and we’ll look into getting this fixed so that you can resume keycap production at normal speeds :slight_smile:

Thanks Frew, makes sense! I also noticed the supports were harder to take off, so this makes sense for that too!


Hi Frew, Can you let me know when this fix gets published. I have to hold on production until the preform is working properly with clear. I just checked 2.13.1 and it is still showing the same layer/time issue.



In my opinion it’s not only that. Since switching from v2 to v4 I had to adjust the z-heigt from +0.2 to -0.1mm because of delamination of first layers…

Same problem here with increased print times for Clear V4 vs Clear V2. I have Preform 2.13.1 installed and the latest firmware. Can you print V4 with the V2 settings without any problem or can I get access to Preform 2.13.0 to see if that helps?

I poured my v4 into an empty v2 cartridge and continued to use v2 settings until this is fixed. :smiley: Just keep an eye out for it pausing in the beginning warning you that the cartridge is almost empty. It is also not recommended I hear to re-use a cartridge too much, so keep that in mind too.

I meant to test this to see if I could recommend doing something similar. Re-using cartridges increases the risk of bite valve failure and often isn’t safe with 3rd party resins, but because Clear v2 and Clear v4 are effectively identical, it shouldn’t be too risky here. Glad this is working for you, and we have the fix for the discrepancy you’re seeing staged to go out with the next PreForm release.

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Time to sell those bite valves separately, I’d buy 100 bucks worth off the bat :wink:

Buy??? Just pick up some flexi resin and print 100 of your own! :smiley:

The valve looks very very similar to what Camelbak uses for its products, you may have some luck and find something compatible or that you can modify.

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