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Cleaning the wash tank when it's mostly clean

Printing in clear for the first time in over a year today, I realized my wash tank, while pretty clean and with fresh IPA, it’s not really clean. Lots of little cured resin bits of various colours sticking to my clear parts.

I started hand-filtering the tank then I realized I have a small 12V electric pump. So I hooked it up to my filter stand, and voila. All the little bits filtered out in just a few minutes.

Just thought I’d post this in case it’s helpful.


Isn’t this an explosion risk at all?

I don’t see anything explosive. We’re dealing with a flammable liquid, so there is that risk, but that’s with or without the filtration system.

This is a great idea. I might buy one of those stands to hold a filter cone and use the battery powered pump that came with my 3L!

What pump did you use please, is it self priming?

It appears you also had the Wash running at the time, I presume that was beneficial to agitating the liquid

Now if only we could find some flocculant that would get the resin out of suspension and filter it we could go a long way to cleaning up the IPA further :slight_smile:

I got mine off Amazon,

The one I own has two downsides (1) it’s not available anymore, and (2) it does not plug into a wall outlet, i.e. you’ll need to find a 12v DC source with the appropriate amperage.

This one appears to be the newer model from the same company:

I imagine if you look around a bit you can find one that plugs into a wall AC socket.

Yes, I had the Wash unit running. That’s to help get all the little bits floating around, rather than sitting in corners of the tank.