Cleaning off gunk from dirty IPA?

So the only IPA I have is pretty dirty and needs a clean, waiting on ordering the paint filters. The print I just did was in the dirty IPA and when I took it out it had some sticky white gunk on it which I assume is the excess resin from other cleaned prints. So before I put this out in the light what’s the best way to clean this stuff off? I was thinking of using a tooth brush but wondered if anyone else has had this issue?

An air compressor with a air nozzle @ ~50psi works well for me.

Thanks, I think we have one of those! :slight_smile:

Hey guys, I made a UV tube and put my dirty IPA in a jar inside the tube for 30 mins. The result is a jar filled with white solid jelly and practically no IPA. Is this normal? I thought I would have had at least a bit of IPA to recycle :-\