Cleaning LT Resin Trays

I’ve come by a number of used LT Resin trays that have a light film of resin in them.
The trays have sat for quite a while, possibly a year or more. I want to use them so I need to clean them.

I’m aware that IPA can’t be used nor probably Denature Alcohol. But, what about a water based cleaner such as Magic 7? Will that cut the resin enough to clean the trays?

Only other approach I can think of is to pour a small amount of fresh resin in and see if that will dissolve the old resin enough to clean it out. Of course that would need to be filtered before using if it is reusable.

Any ideas or experience on this question?

No need to clean it to that extreme.

Just wipe it and let the resin soak into the paper. It’s fine if there is a film or some resin in the corner.

I’ll give that a try but this film is fairly dry. May have to add just a small bit of fresh resin to dissolve the old stuff.

If it’s that dry then it’s probably enough to just fill it up and then give it a good wipe with the scraper.
You’ll see that the surface will be nice and clean.

The less you touch the surface the better as anything can create micro scratches which can cause the resin to stick to the tank or cause a higher release force resulting in deformations.

I figure a small amount of new resin to coat the entire surface with. Let it sit overnight and then see if I can clean it. I have the scraper for the Form 3 resin trays and that does an EXCELLENT job on LT trays.

That worked. I pour just a small amount of new resin in one of the LT trays that had old resin in it and smeared it around. Let sit for a couple of hours and it all mixed and I could scrape it out and dispose of. Now I have a clean LT resin tray good as new. Two more to go.

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