Chunk of model missing

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I’ve uploaded a picture of a model that has a chunk missing from the head. I realize that the issue is most likely the orientation. What I’d like to know is have other people had models with similar problems, and how do you recognize that this is a possibility?

I used to get that a lot, I print 95% of models hollow now and have a much higher successful rate. I put those sorts of failures down to excessive contact area, and as you have already mentioned, orientation.

@JasonSpiller is spot on! 9 out of 10 times it’s the fact that it’s a solid model with these kind of objects.

Thanks Alex and Jason!

At the risk of sounding ignorant, what program do you use to make it hollow? Can preform do that?

Autodesk Meshmixer, free and easy, ZBrush is also able to do it.

Blender (also free) can do this (and more) fairly easily as well.

Thanks Chis and Jason!

I have used Meshmixer for other things and have found it to be a great program. I just hollowed this model out and will try to get print it again. How many holes do you usually generate? I know the resin needs to be able to drain out,

The hole is mostly for ensuring that it doesn’t create a vacuum, so it only has to be a few mm’s wide (not sure how big your model is, but I’m assuming that it’s probably about 10-12cm tall. So in that case a 3-5mm hole in the bottom of the base should work fine.
Ensure this hole is facing the build platform (assuming you’re printing with supports), otherwise it’ll be meaningless and you’ll still create a vacuum. The amount of resin inside the model shouldn’t be that much as it’ll only close up on the last couple of layers.

What he said.

Many thanks!

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