Check your invoice if you used a discount code

If you have used a discount code in the Formlabs store double check the invoice, although the discount was applied for me the system still calculated the tax on the full amount not the discounted amount.

I’m sure it’s just a bug in the system but needs to be fixed sooner rather than later.

Has any other UK business actually managed to get a legal VAT receipt out of the new European (UK domiciled) store?

In my experience they can’t generate an invoice remotely to HMRC guidelines (yes, I’ve just sent over the guidelines for them to read), yet alone get the VAT calculation correct…

I.e. I won’t be able to reclaim the VAT on my side.


We’ll still ironing out the kinks, Simon – and we’ll certainly work with everyone who needs their receipts up-to-spec. We’ve got a team based in the UK, now, and they’re just ironing out the kinks.

We’ll pass on the discount issue – I do assume that tax should be applied against the reduced amount.

Sam, I understand it is now but was not and refunds have been issued.

Yep, we’ve got it handled – and are also taking a look at the VAT issues to make sure those are in the clear.


With all due respect, “Yep, we’ve got it handled” doesn’t reflect well with the paperwork I’m seeing right now.

I have an invoice charging twice as much tax as it should - that calls VAT tax, that doesn’t give the rate of VAT charged, and that doesn’t give the total amount of VAT (not tax) charged in pounds sterling; All are HMRC requirements for VAT invoices.

I then have a credit note refunding me half the tax, but refunding it as zero rated goods, rather than refunding the tax (VAT) over-charge.