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Change from Grey V4 to Tough 1500

Good afternoon, I would like to transition from my Grey v4 resin to Tough 1500, can I gradually allow the Tough 1500 to fill into the existing Grey v4 tank. Or must I load a new tray specifically for Tough 1500?
Do they mix?
I realise I have to program the tank for tough 1500 before starting a print.
Thank you CHRIS

You would have to completely clean the tank and resource it for another type of resin. The tank you have currently is coded with the Grey V4 resin at the moment.

If you have another tank that would be my suggestion.

Thank you, Titon, that’s as I suspected, I am wanting to change to Tough 1500 but I don’t want to waste any of my standard Grey resin. I think I will need to filter and store the Grey Resin back in its cartridge. Then clean the existing tank with IPA, to store it away for a while.
ANY Tips on cleaning the tank before storing it away?
This would be helpful. IE use IPA then store in the dark.

Don’t put the resin back into the cartridge, use a black plastic bottle.

It’s not recommended to clean the tank with IPA.

It’s a whole lot easier to bite the bullet buy a new tank and keep one for each resin. The resin will not degrade if stored in a tank.

I agree. If you need to yes move the resin into a suitable container. Not back into the cartridge.

But I never have done this unless I have had an issue. I’ve always used a different tray for each type or resin and just kept the resin stored in the tray until next time. Just put the cover on and put it back in the original box if you still have it.

OK everyone thank you for your suggestions, I’ll try a new tank, just hate the thought of wasting all that money on another tank. Then how can I use up the grey resin in the tank that’s left over? I don’t want to ‘chuck it into land fill’ wasting tank and unused liquid resin.

The resin in the tank can be kept in the tank for quite sometime. Just take the box that the tank came in and place the cover that you took off of the top of it and place it back on. Put in the box and close the cover. It will be fine. No need to dispose of anything.

Titon, thanks for this, I’ll see how I go, All the best Chris

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Good afternoon, just to finalise this trial with tough 1500 resin, I had a few failed prints. Due perhaps to the way I set the parts up for printing, (Very different from standard Grey)
I have tried to clean the new resin tank, but ended up damaging the inside of the film. (I have cleaned tanks out before with Standard grey no problem)
So I am now scrapping the new tank and have 1/2 a litre of Tough 1500 left (virgin material) and some very finely filtered 1500 in another tray. Shame because I thought Tough 1500 was going to be good for my models. Costly exercise.
All the best for the Festive season everyone. Chris.

FWIW, I switched from GreyV4 to Tough1500 a couple months ago. I just got a new tank for it. I absolutely love Tough 1500 for eyewear and electronics enclosures. I can make snaps and they don’t snap off. I can snap and unsnap just like real plastic. I’m a huge fan of Tough1500 and wish I hadn’t stockpiled so much GreyV4. The defaults are all messed up however. I use Mini Rafts and have gradually worked my way down to 0.15mm Touchpoints. If you used the default 0.6mm touchpoints I think it would be impossible to remove them. 0.15 leaves me with a really clean model. I’m a fan.

I’ve been using tough 1500 for a part I’ve been gradually evolving - but found it started failing to print regularly after 12 months or so - now I’m 18’months or so in (limited time has meant getting this resolved has been quite a background task). I found it became gradually gloopier between probs in the tank (sitting for weeks between prints) and have just experimented with thinning it with dmp solvent which has allowed me to start using it again rather Han dumping 80% of a bottle.

(See my thread about this elsewhere)

What life do you get out of tough 1500?

Any thoughts on how to keep it going to get anywhere near the claimed 2 year life ?

I have found it a uniquely enabling material (my part is designed for injection molding and has clip features and two living hinges) however the life of it has been meh - and use of it fraught with problems.

I have ended up printing with full rafts and reducing the default values for the supports, which when the prints print - work much better.

My part is small - fitting in a c. 3 cm x 2cm x 1cm volume