Ceramic Resin

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I watched the video HERE, which @amosdudley introduced us about the ceramic resin. He mentioned we should apply a clear film to the orange cover in order to prevent spillage of the resin to the Form 2, what clear film is he mentioning here?

Also, @amosdudley also recommended us to print a splash card to further protect from resin spillage from the resin tank, do any of you have the splash card stl file?

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Hi @pyue6299,

This is the film - it’s not a necessity, but it can help save your cover from any drips.

The file for the splash guard model is linked on the Ceramic support page under Equipment & Supplies.

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Thanks for the information! How should i install the film to my printer? Many thanks for the guidance!

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It is a clear plastic film with adhesive on one side. You can use scissors or a hobby knife to cut it to size and apply it to the inside / outside of the cover, wherever you’re worried about drips (the front and sides are most likely).


I can’t find a way to set up the printer for ceramic resin printing using the 50 micron setting
and only have access to 100 micron. It says in the technical spec sheet you can use both.
Am I missing something?



Any recommendations on affordable kilns / furnaces for this resin?

Paragon Xpress Q11A, original price 9xx, but discount offered from some other shop. Check it on Google.

its not available yet.