Printable Splash Guards?

Just saw Amos’ video on the new ceramic resin (incredible, btw). What really caught my eye was his suggestion and example of the “printable splash guard”. I searched around for the design (both here and on Thingiverse) but didn’t find one. This would be an excellent thing for Form to make available to customers (and even for sale) since it could completely save a machine from ruination should a spill or print fail occur.

Is there any way someone could post a file? I’d happily spend my own resin to print a pair of these suckers.


Hi @jasony31!

The file for this model is linked on the Ceramic support page under Equipment & Supplies.

Thanks Amos! I assume these will fit on the LT tanks? I’m not going to print ceramic (I know ceramic and LT tanks don’t work together). I was just trying to buy some insurance against a normal resin spill.

LT tanks already have an extra “safety zone” against spills built into their design.

These guards do not fit on the LT tanks for that reason (the side walls have been moved outwards and are shaped differently).

Ok, okay, thanks. I just downloaded the splash guards anyway and was having trouble getting them to fit on the build platform in Preform. Good to know they won’t fit on the LT’s.

Thanks for the quick response!

They are printed on their end, flat on the build platform, like this:

Splash Guards.form (78.6 KB)

Is it possible to get the splash guards as an STL? I have another printer I can print them on.

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Splash Guards.stl (65.3 KB)

Hi I cannot login to the Ceramic support page, it says customer login disabled. I recently tryed to print ceramic parts but the print failed, and I ha resin splashes all over the places see enclosed pictures, including very close to the glass