Casting jewellery

I have had that thought aswell, but it works on the other resins so should work here aswell. I’ve noticed that very small flakes form on the tank even on a succesfull print so maybe those are causing problems, but i always clean very thoroughly. It kinda sucks, i really like the prints with cast 2, but hate that it isn’t reliable. Hope they fix it soon, maybe some software update to make the laser cure it more?, i don’t know.

Agreed Anton, I think the chemistry of the other resins is harder and they are less prone to flexing. The castable resins seem softer to me.
I bought this machine specifically for lost wax casting jewellery if its not reliable then its of no use to me sadly because it has all the signs of being a great machine. I hope Formlabs come up with a solution soon.

especially since cast v1 printed with no issueas at all. But again when they work cast v2 prints are stellar.

Thanks for all of the feedback. We’ve noticed that some Castable V2 prints, especially those with smaller rafts, have had issues with delaminating from the build platform. Increasing the footprints of your rafts should help to correct adherence issues. If you’re having problems with delamination, you should contact support so we can help you correct it and also get an idea for its prevalence.

I now “gang” my smaller items so there are multiples on a larger base, and this pretty much fixed the issue.

This particular batch had a couple of supports fail on the small charms (they are about 1/2" or 13mm wide each)…this was my first attempt and making my own supports, so there are flakes on the upper layers of the taller prints. I just filtered the resin and tried again, and it worked just fine.

Curing is essential for producing quality casting. Here is a piece that was cast directly from the newest castable mateial, the metal in the image is silver. This is a raw casting that has only been tumbled.


How long did you cure this one for?

Hello, on our 400 watt high powered machines it only takes us 12 minutes to cure something of this size.


Hello everybody after long break!
Last Thursday i received new results from one casting company - gold and silver
I am happy with 50 microns prints (beter than 25 mc - don;t know why)
Also created new curing box and intend to make better one (more powerful)

results are a heaven much better. below picture just after casting

sometimes there are dots on part of surface. Don;t know why they appear.
Hillz mentioned ones that could be burned out process as I remember and understood properly :smiley:

maybe they did shortened burned out cycle. have no idea. …or mabe sth with my prints.
Would like to share the pictures of my few months work of developing curing system.
Believe that will be better withing a month.

is not perfect in everything but by now i can handle with polishing

I would like to receive result as you did. Your casting piece is very nice.
Thank you for motivation.



where are you working from? what city?

Szczecin / Poland

Above is a casting from the castable material in Silver.

Above is an example of the Castable Resin cast in PT, RU (95)

If you are looking for smoother casting, you will need to adjust your curing times to make sure the resin is slightly changing color all over, make sure to constantly flip your designs if need be. If you are getting rough castings try some tests with longer and or hotter burnouts and if that does not work make sure you are not melting your over heating your metal.

Hope this helps have a great day everyone.

Hello Pattric
about curing -yes I am doing this. Print changes its colour. Result is much better than my first castings.
When i have opportunity to cast by myself, than use your advices and other people here. You all have experience in it, and I appreciate that fact of sharing such knowledge.
Thank you.

Nowadays, I try to find a way to print and create such curing machine,whish cures fast and effectve

  • to send to any casting company to receive properly casted piece.
    without dots, tiny wholes etc. clean surface as possible
    I think it is possible.
    (( Of course all process includung casting is essential. ))

The best results received from Horbach Germany - just from my experience.
I order Pt 950 casting service there and sometimes Au750.

Do you plan to open your service in Europe? I would like to use :wink: hehe

I think this year I post here better results than present which I am satisfied somehow.



I have smoother prints in 50 mc than 25 microns.
Do you have the same experience? shall i calibrate somehow the machine? …

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I have constructed new curing system.
After 3 hours curing received nice result. I have never received such before.
Colour has been changed into some yellowish-orange, and I think this is a good sign.
It is very hard now :smiley:
Prints has been sent already to casting company.

I think will be OK after casting. I believe finally.
Let’s see after few days.


could you explain your new curing system?

Hi Peter - was that `resin Castable V1 or Castable V2 that you cured?

hello Dave
how to start, I used revesed process. At first i thought about some heating the prints with some temp.
now I do some cooling with strongly concentrated UV light. Also distance between UV light and a piece
is very important in my opinion. Calculation should be done about the focal lenght. Just properly.
That’s all.

I am looking for good solution since months.
I did one piece of it. If it is succesfull (I believe it is) so in January will do multiplication x 3-6 times stronger.
So the time of curing will be shorter and more effective of course.
All system will generates some cost, but please believe me that one time spend funds on it
(investing not spending) gives a better sleeping.

After well done print, and effective curing, casting can be done also well without unexpected surprises.

Right now my box is done using my shoebox. hehe :wink: - just for quick try.
need to find some time to make design in cad instead of cartoon box.
… to create sth more stable.

Hi :slight_smile:
V1 of resin


these are our prints.these are not as well as we want. the small holes are closed & we have to drill it with something like needle.diameter of round diamonds are 1mm to 1.5mm & the gem cuts are at least 50 microns wide.but unfortunately those are can see in the photos. please help us if any of you have useful experience

thanks for the explanation.

Let see how it cast! (never seen such a color change while curing a part).

Best regards,