Castable Wax and High Temp Resin problems for bigger pieces


So it seems that both these resins lose its effectiveness with respect to size/volume.
I can cast smaller pieces such as rings or small pendants perfectly with no porosity but when casting for example a bigger pendant(lets say a 2mm thick 3 inch diameter disc, with designs on the surface. There is massive investment breakage most likely from pieces of ash still stuck and chunks of investment inside the piece. Extended the dwell portions of my burnout, even tried using the Form Cure. The one thing I haven’t tried is to reprint it with the preform Beta for jewelry users to see if its just a software thing, which i hear in these forums is the main culprit.

By the way formlabs, why did I have to dig for this unadvertised beta version after printing so many in 50um with dental resin specs!??!? Why was this not mentioned to us when we were communicating with you guys in the beginning when we clearly mentioned we intend to use the form 3 for jewelry purposes?

Similar results with the High Temp resin. I can make molds of smaller things again such as rings.
But I tried molding a 3 inch sized pendant… when i cut open the mold and try to pull off one half of the rubber mold, the mold wont come off! Its practically glued to the rubber and I have to shatter the piece and pry it off shard by shard. This process still pulls off tiny bits of rubber from the mold ruining the quality of the mold. And yes I cure it properly with the Form Cure with specs from your website(another not so easily accessible piece of info that needed digging thru your resources online and not something in a manual)


Hi. I´m using bluecast x10 resign and i´m having excellent results on smaller and bigger pieces, printing and casting.
I cast together with mold wax with same cicles.
No cure needed.
The only small problem is that you have to use the printer on open mode. For better printing results don´t forget to warm up the tank before start to print.
I have good results with the formlabs Castable Wax, but bluecast x10 is better.
I hope i can help.