Castable Wax and High Temp Resin problems for bigger pieces

So it seems that both these resins lose its effectiveness with respect to size/volume.
I can cast smaller pieces such as rings or small pendants perfectly with no porosity but when casting for example a bigger pendant(lets say a 2mm thick 3 inch diameter disc, with designs on the surface. There is massive investment breakage most likely from pieces of ash still stuck and chunks of investment inside the piece. Extended the dwell portions of my burnout, even tried using the Form Cure. The one thing I haven’t tried is to reprint it with the preform Beta for jewelry users to see if its just a software thing, which i hear in these forums is the main culprit.

By the way formlabs, why did I have to dig for this unadvertised beta version after printing so many in 50um with dental resin specs!??!? Why was this not mentioned to us when we were communicating with you guys in the beginning when we clearly mentioned we intend to use the form 3 for jewelry purposes?

Similar results with the High Temp resin. I can make molds of smaller things again such as rings.
But I tried molding a 3 inch sized pendant… when i cut open the mold and try to pull off one half of the rubber mold, the mold wont come off! Its practically glued to the rubber and I have to shatter the piece and pry it off shard by shard. This process still pulls off tiny bits of rubber from the mold ruining the quality of the mold. And yes I cure it properly with the Form Cure with specs from your website(another not so easily accessible piece of info that needed digging thru your resources online and not something in a manual)

Hi. I´m using bluecast x10 resign and i´m having excellent results on smaller and bigger pieces, printing and casting.
I cast together with mold wax with same cicles.
No cure needed.
The only small problem is that you have to use the printer on open mode. For better printing results don´t forget to warm up the tank before start to print.
I have good results with the formlabs Castable Wax, but bluecast x10 is better.
I hope i can help.

Can you tell me what burnout circle you use for small parts?
Thank you

We have similar problem in our company. The print itself is pretty good but when we try to cast it, the porosity of the surface is terrible. It doesn’t matter if the piece is big or small, it simply sucks. We followed all of the formlab’s advices for casting.
Using my old DWS machine with 2-years-old resin I have 10 times better results with casting it.
We also tried to create protective surface, using different products like Procad, or Protocad. Still, the porosity is bad. We bought the machine so that we don’t have to spend half a day on polishing it to make it simply acceptable.
I’ve watched the formlabs webinar on how to print and cast, where they showed their casts and I would be ashamed to show what they showed as a example. Their own casts have terrible surface.
Still, hoping to get a real advice on how to deal with that problem, not having to use bluecast x10 as Zep adviced. It is another cost and I expected to get a good quality product, that doesn’t make me contrive so that it would be acceptable.
Thanks in advance for any advices

Hi Silvamex I thing the bluecast resin is for far a much better resin and also much expensive than the wax resin from formlabs but I don’t know how well will go in the form 3 I’m trying to get the universal cartridge to have a plan B, because the reality is that formlabs casting resin is the hardest resin to cast in this market and I think they should work in a solution for this problem or make a partnership with one of this companies that had already develop a better resin. I had cast all the resins from b9creator v1.2 emerald, yellow, the pink one and with very good results , I have change to the form 3 and from 8 casting I made it in only 1 so this translate on: losing time with my clients because I am not meeting the delivery dates, making more prints investing in more resin to re do the fails castings, more castings incrementing my energy bills and finally a little solution I have found investing more money doing rubber molds to finally cast in wax.
And what is my burnout schedule is the one recommended by formlabs also I have a very good ventilation inside the oven with some additional drilled holes in the bottom an air bump also and all the recommendations in the website “Introduction to casting with Formlabs resins” and yes it cast but with a lot of porosity.
some examples in my pictures and I bet this is the same problem every one here is having.

Thank you all so much for this information! This sort of insight is UNFORTUNATELY only possible by trial an error at the expense of the end user!! I’m a jewelry designer and was hoping to print my own wax. I have a new Castable V2 cartridge that I was about to open to start printing with in hopes of being able to deliver my own wax parts to my caster, but seeing these results makes me think I should just save myself the headache, sell the resin and continue to use a printing house that prints on EnvisionTEC. My F3 is finally starting to come around as a good form validation prototyping machine (Grey v4), but for production it sounds like it’s not the way to go.

This is the resin we use

these are all the equipment we use along with an image of the ring we casted yesterday and the burnout cycle we use. Nothing ever comes out clean.

We are located if anyone is able to come to our factory, we are more than willing to compensate any amount if you can help us fix this problem

Hi @bijansst,

Thank you for reaching out about this. Since this is a more in-depth issue with quite a few potential variables, I would recommend getting in touch with our Support Team in order for them to narrow this down further.