Castable Resin

Any news on a official castable resin being released any time soon. The stuff that I can create with this would be amazing!

Yes, i’m interested to hear about this too.

So, if you have a mold, why use the Form1?  Did you intend to use Form1 to print the mold, then pour castable resin?  If so, what’s wrong with existent castable resin (mold release on acrylic Form1 printed mold)?  Maybe I’m an amateur, but I just don’t get it.

With the current resins in the form 1 you can print the object you want to mould and then make an RTV mould of the object and create a wax, resin or plaster from the RTV. The problem with this is that you are limited to what you can mould certain things wont work and also you have shrinkage to worry about and stuff like that. With a castable resin you will be able to burn out you build straight from the Form 1 printer, this means you can create much more complicated shapes that cant be moulded.

Also as a Jeweller Goldsmith and Silversmith RTV moulding is an expensive process if your doing minimum quantities this is were a castable resin would be great because it cuts out the costly moulding charge.

The way your thinking is that we want to print the mould itself where in fact you print the object to be moulded.

The point of having a castable resin is so you do not need a mold.  You would just print the object you want to cast.  Then there is no need to make a mold.  There is a long post on resin that burns out cleanly… or the lack of one that works on a Form1.  There is information on MadeSolid producing one and talk that FL is working on one but nothing confirmable.

I think you are thinking of plastic casting not burning out the resin for metal casting.

Check MadeSolid.  They have a beta version already.  I think it goes for around $199.00 for 500ml. Ouch!

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We’re very excited to finally introduce Formlabs Castable resin. Check it out in our store.