Cartridge contact problems

They also sent me a new cartridge, but the issue remained.
Then I was asked to put the printer apart to reach the “Cartridge floor assembly”, just to find that it was in perfect condition.
I gave it a little wipe and put the whole thing together again : issue remains.
I am having a new printer sent over : sure glad I got the “Pro service plan”…

So you had the pro service plan and they still made you take apart the printer before sending you a replacement unit ? That’s not how I understood the service worked, I’m surprised.

Hi John,

Well, I accepted to do it because it was less of a hassle then sending back my printer, and it was also the occasion to clean it up.
What surprises me is that such an apparently silly issue requires to send the printer back.
I hope this is not an epidemic because it could cost Formlabs lots of $$$$…

This is how fun it is to print right now :

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I ended up sending back my replacement printer too, because of this issue.
Going with 3rd unit now, lets see how it goes!


Our support team is keeping a close eye on the number of tickets associated with cartridge contact issues. The forums aren’t necessarily a representative sample, but cartridge contact issues are one of the more common errors in the field and we’re working on potential solutions.

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I spoke with support today and got past my cartridge detection problem with masking tape. The fellow sent me a picture that explains it all. Just add as much tape as you need and the cartridge should be fine. Hope this helps some people.


Tried the tape thing, no go. Printer on its way to Hungary for repair now… In fact tried the tape thing, the bread knife thing, the cleaning the contacts thing, the replace the cartridge floor thing… All no go.

Well, my printer is a few months old and over the last couple of weeks I have been getting the cartridge error. I cant decide if it is good or bad that this issue seems to be well known. Glad I got the pro service, and fingers are crossed that it will get resolved. Very frustrating.

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I agree with you - I tried all the stuff too and nothing. My printer is going back for repair/replacement today. I hope they can slove this problem quickly or even exchange the whole printer. Its been already three times at Formlabs for repair.

Mine comes back next week, so we will see then!

They swapped my printer and I got the new one today. I ran two prints today with no errors. I tried to press the rep for an answer as to what the problem is, but he was pretty generic. I just wanted to know for future refernce when my warranty is up. Maybe its just me but the resin cartridge seems to fit very tight in the new unit. Response from Formlabs was very good, and they shipped the replacement unit right away. Hopefully this problem is solved.

I was shipped a replacement cartridge floor a week or two ago, and we just installed it and it still had the exact same issue. My rep gave me a choice to replace the whole printer with a new one, or he said they got a new batch of the Cartridge floors that have been redesigned to resolve this problem. I chose to go with the new redesigned cartridge floor. They are shipping that hopefully tomorrow. I will let you guys know what happens.

I had my repaired machine back on Tuesday, its running its 4th build just now, so far so good. Agree about the much more solid connection plugging a cartridge into place. No glitches so far, build-wise…

BUT they sent it back with someone else’s crapped up orange lid!! Fellow FormLabs owners, if you send anything back for repair, I suggest you mark each component with your, and the machines name! This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this happening either! Support have been great as usual, I have a replacement cover on its way, but for goodness sake’s guys, this isn’t difficult! If I send MY machine in for repair, I expect to get MY machine back again!! I try very hard to keep my kit clean, and to get someone else’s messed up parts in return is just not on!! Apart from hacking a paying customer off, surely, it must take MORE effort to loose my cover, then go and find another one! Quite apart from all the extra expense of now having to send me a replacement! And then me send the dirty one back! This is just pouring your profits down the pan! Please, don’t do it again!

We got the newly redesigned cartridge floor but it too had the same problem. We are getting a replacement printer. Hopefully this problem won’t occur again in the new printer… Anyone else have any progress?

Well, 7 builds so far and all good. I still don’t trust it yet, but so far, all seems well. I had the crapped up cover replacement arrive, and was told not to bother returning the dirty one. My work colleagues are accusing me of trying to get a complete new printer bit by bit!

I will continue monitoring progress obviously, and I don’t want to hex myself by saying things are all hunky dory now, but at least it is producing fine prints; which is all I wanted in the first place!


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