Can you print more than one small for at a time?

My prints are pretty small and could do three at a time. Is that possible?

That’s probably possible.

Even without a printer, you can download Preform (the Formlabs software package) and lay out your parts to make sure they’ll fit on the printer’s build platform.

My last print was something like 20 small parts that filled the platform

I would think you can use almost the whole plate. I have done over 20 parts at once no problem

You mean like this?:,1740,iid=468717,00.asp

I will admit, this was a little extreme. Some came out a little distended, maybe due to the supports. That is 5 layers of the same item repeated 9 times. It took 23 hours and 37 minutes to print.


^Doing something like that probably means you’ll have to replace the tray after that.

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