Is it better to print single objects rather than multiple?

Just wondering if it is purely a time thing or is the accuracy/quality of the 3d print affected by the amount of objects you have printing at the same time?

Hi Edward,
Multiple objects at a time are faster than running the printer multiple times, but if there are layers with too much surface area the peels get more violent, and that can hurt the quality of delicate things. So the decision depends on what you are printing.

Thanks Josh. I’m printing objects that range from 20mm to 10mm, very small. The first print the smallest fell into the tray and didn’t print, so was wondering if best to print really small objects on their own?

I don’t think you will have any issue printing a whole row of that on the hinge side. If you mean your print detached from the platform then maybe the platform needs to be lowered a bit for better adhesion. Otherwise maybe the resin was not mixed really well and the formulation was off because of it. A picture would help if you want more ideas.

Thanks Josh will try to post a pic tonight.