Can the resin be diluted?

Does anyone have experience whether the resin will get thicker and more viscous when it exposes in air for some time?  Is there any solvent that I can apply to keep it in good condition? Thanks

Same question here.

I want to dilute the Clear Resin to brush the Parts after Printing.

Already tried with IPA but it doesnt succes at all

IPA is used to clean parts because it dissolves and de-activates components of the resin. There aren’t many solvents that will mix well with Resin to reduce the viscosity and heating the resin is likely to work best. Resin is heated to 31C in the printer to reduce and stabilize viscosity for printing and you might try that temperature for your application.

ah okay, thank you - i will try this.

You said “there arent many”. Do you know any solvent to try with?

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Solvents will ruin the printability of resins and cause issue if you’re looking to do a resin dipping process whereas you brush on the resin and then cure it. Solvents will also damage components of the printer so it’s important to ensure that things like IPA and acetone aren’t being used on the tanks or on the cover. Heating the resin is likely to work best here.

i dont want to dilute the Resin inside the Printer.

I want to take some milliliters out of the tank, dilute it and brush parts vor a higher
transparency (like dripping, just thinner) or in best case, to spray it with an air-Brush or something like this.

But in first step i will try heating the resin.
will the resin become less viscosity with higer temperatures?

We’ve had a fair bit of success with resin dipping at normal viscosity (you can see the technique here). Mixing resin and solvent isn’t likely to work well because the mixed resin won’t be able to cure it after brushing it onto the part. Heat does reduce the viscosity of the resin though I wouldn’t recommend going well above 31C as it could lead to off-gassing and degradation of some of the components.