Can I bake a part months after UV curing?

I print exclusively in grey resin. I’ve been UV curing my parts for an hour or two under the typical Amazon “salon” UV light. However recently I’ve been concerned that the long term strength of the part might be compromised since I didn’t heat it after curing as per the recommended practices.

Is it okay for me to go back months later and bake the parts at 60c for an hour? This would be easy to do (I haven’t done anything to parts) but I don’t want to hurt them either. Would it even make a difference?


I’m not a pro or anything but I recently put several puts under the UV setup about a month or two after it was printed. When I first got my printer, I didn’t know about the UV set up and printed several parts and cured it normally. Once I had my UV set up aftewards, I tried them and they all turned out fine.

The only caveat I can tell you is to not leave anything in there for too long since it can be brittle if overexposed. It’s hard to say, but you can sort of feel it. I printed out some miniature swords that became more brittle than the thicker parts, even though they were exposed to the same amount of time. Good luck on your prints.