Calculation of total resin used


I was wondering if anyone done any calculations on average % of material wasted during printing.
Due to Form 2 having this method of calculating the amount of resin that’s supposed to leave the cartridge, but not actually measuring it, you can only calculate real numbers by measuring it yourself.
So I was wondering if anyone has any data they’d like to share about their print sizes (in ml), after how much resin they had to change the cartridge and ~amount of resin in their tank during the change

The thing is that is widely depends not only on the part geometry but it’s orientation too, as well as how long you wait before removing the BP from the machine. Uncured resin transferred to the IPA can be as huge as 50% (for a low volume part with a large envelope and intricate geometries) or more or as little as a few % (say a solid bloc).

A search on the forums with the keywords “resin waste” will return a few interesting topics.

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