Improving calculation of resin used up while printing

It is known that Form 2 calculates resin left in the cartridge by measuring how much time the cartridge vent was open and natural flow of the resin.

However once you finished printing you have some resin left on your build platform, parts themselfs(which disperses into IPA).

Forums provide such knowledge that you’ll be losing up to 50% additional resin while printing extremely small parts and if you let a huge build sit on the platform for 15-30 mins after printing you might leave less than 1%.

Therefore I’d like to make graph of how much resin(in % compared to size of the build) was lost depending on size of the build.

I’d like to ask anyone who has some similar information comment on this topic.

This will be hard to do because the part geometry also plays a major role in how much resin sticks to the part after printing.

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This is why @MariusOB wants to create a statistical model by gathering suer data. But then who has tome to measure how much resin drips from a part after it has finished and keep how much resin was actually polymerized before the cartridge is empty… I’d like to help but this is too cumbersome.

I do think they could improve visibility into estimating how much resin is left in the cartridge and tray…and how much more you could print before needing a refill (or to abandon the resin if you don’t have any versions of it left). I’ll leave the “how” up to their engineers. :wink:

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