Buying better dust mask - UK

Hi everyone,

Can anyone recommend an upgraded face mask / respirator they enjoy using for Fuse1 system?

Three things brought me to this this question:

  • I’ve seen people online using multi-point rubber seal (upgraded) dust masks instead of the disposable ones
  • The disposable masks move around on my face
  • I am the only user of our system. So can have my own mask.

Thank you,
Portsmouth Based. We have Form3 and Fuse1

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Im using disposable masks most often. I have one in rubber but that is so uncomfortable so i tend to use the disposable ones. Im curious aswell if anyone has any suggestions.

You really should be using a respirator when dealing with fine particulates if you value your health.

I don’t have a Fuse, but I did just recently purchase a really great respirator in my opinion that is used worldwide. It’s the Sundstrom SR 100 in one of their Sundstrom Pro Packs that comes with a bunch of stuff. Practically everything on the mask is user serviceable/replaceable and it has the ability to accept an addon to allow for an external air source.

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