Build plate image for the Form 1+

Ok so I read somewhere here that someone suggested that we can be able to load an image for the build plate in Preform. I have attached a PDF file to help us do just that.

  1. Print out the build plate image.
  2. cut it to size and place on the bottom side of your VAT.
  3. Using a light source from behind, pencil in all the unusable areas onto the paper. (Printing on clear paper will be even better)
  4. You can now hold over your screen to verify you are not printing in a voided area.

*** It would be nice to have Preform let you scan and load an image to use as the build plate bottom, aka this picture ***

Perhaps someone has already done this?

Form 1 Grid.pdf (3.3 KB)

I wouldn’t put anything on the bottom of the vat. I wouldn’t want to get fingerprints or debris on it. I am a bit confused on what the point of this would be. Is this to map out clouded areas of the PDMS layer?

Am I missing something or could this also be accomplished with a picture of the PDMS?

I am able to extend the life of my vat by knowing where the bad spots are and not printing in those areas as I am currently printing small items.

With clear paper I can hold it up to my monitor to see if I am printing in bad areas. The ability to load and image would be the best but for now, this is how I get it done.

As far as fingerprints, of course… I agree. When I switch out colors or going through failed prints, I started from the beginning and washed everything. That’s when I noticed the dots. To map out these areas helped me tremendously. This could help someone else.

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Makes sense.

Overall I agree, I was just a bit perplexed by your methodology.

The ability to select a custom image for the build plate would be a simple addition that would be helpful to many. The idea of automating this information with heat maps has been beat to death but much of the time a simple solution is best.

K.I.S.S. =]

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