Broken Model

So when I go to try and print my model I get an error message saying that the model is broken and needs repair. I go into Meshmixer to see what the issues are and sadly its saying the eyes are too small and have to be deleted. I repaired it just to see if PreForm would load my model this time around and PreForm ends up crashing before it even opens the model. So my questions are:

  1. Is there a way to keep the eyes on the model?
  2. Why is PreForm crashing when opening the repaired file?

I find it pretty strange since I printed a model before with eyes and I didn’t get the error and it printed out just fine.

if the eyes are separate models then simply MERGE them into the main model using a boolean operation.

You are creating problems by having separate intersecting volumes.

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That’s the thing I’m using ZBrush and while the eyes are separate subtools I had merged them prior to sending the model over to Meshmixer which still shows them as separate meshes. I figured out my problem with PreForm crashing as my model had too many polygons for the program, but I’m still struggling to figure out why the eyes are recognized as separate meshes even though it should be one mesh.

I am unfamiliar with ZBrush- but if it has a help manual- look up BOOLEAN.

The thing is, that the only part of the eyes that should still be a part of the merged model is the portion that are visible externally.

The rest of the spheres should have been eliminated because they are INTERNAL polygons.

You can export an STL model that STILL has separate volumes- even tho the file shows only one object- that kind of merging is not what I am talking about.

So I think I was finally successful in figuring out the problem. In ZBrush there are two ways to merge separate meshes together via Subtool Master (A plugin) or Merge Down which is an option in the Geometry panel of the software. Going by the information you gave me I’m assuming Merge Down is the Boolean Operation you speak of. I still went ahead and used Meshmixer to inspect it and see if the model still came up as damaged and according to Meshmixer its still damaged, but it comes up just fine in PreForm with no errors stating its a damaged model.

Thanks for the help as I greatly appreciate it! This was definitely a learning experience for me lol

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