Borosilicate glass underneath resin tank in Form 1+


I recently had problems with the big mirror and the galvo mirrors due to dust in my form 1+. I was wondering: what if I place a borosilicate glass of around 2.5/3 mm underneath to avoid dust going on the mirrors? I was thinking something like this: . Might be a good idea or that’s the worst one you ever heard? Checking at the optical transmission I shouldn’t have any problem with the laser, it should pass the glass smoothly.

Anyone with more knowledge/experience in this?

One of the best ways I’ve found to prevent dust is a positive filtered air flow cabinet .

@Jeffrey_dube the printer is placed on my desk and that’s the only spot where I can have it. Therefore, the only solution for me is to find an “internal” way to avoid dust.

Just a thought apply the same principle to the unit itself.

I wouldn’t say it’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard, especially considering that the Form 2 has a glass window beneath the tank that helps keep dust off the mirror :smile:

With your idea, you would likely run into power loss problems. These glasses tend to have transmissivities around 90%. A 10% power loss at the surface of the tank would cause print problems, as the parts would be underexposed.

@CraigBroady Actually I didn’t know about the glass window in the Form 2! That’s a sign, I have to work for formlabs, we are on the same wavelength. I’m just about a year late!!! Is it the glass window made out of borosilicate? Anyway thanks for your answer, I would maybe go for a solution as @Jeffrey_dube suggested.

We are always hiring at :slightly_smiling:

For Form 2, we use a soda lime glass with some coatings to better enhance transmissivity.

was referring to the form 1plus

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