Bonding SLA Print to Carbon Steel with Epoxy

I’ve read several posts about attaching SLA printed parts to other SLA parts using CA or Epoxy.

I want to use an expoy to attached a printed part to a carbon steel part.
I have good success doing this with ABS and Nylon but not sure if this will work with a printed SLA part.

This will be a key factor in my decision to purchase a FormLabs unit.

Will someone please advise if they have done this successfully or know if it should work?

Thank you!

As long as the part is thoroughly cured and dry you shouldn’t have any problems. I’ve used plain clear epoxy (not sure of the specifics, the type you can get in the grocery store,) to connect 2 SLA parts and that worked fine. I think it works on steel as well. I have not tried using something more suited to metal (like JB Weld,) on SLA to my recollection.

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