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Blog RSS feed?


I love the FormLabs blog and I’d like to subscribe in my RSS reader, but I can’t seem to find a feed to subscribe to. Is there one? If not, could there be one?


It’s a good idea.
I’d also wouldn’t miss an article if I had it in my Feedly. If you add you get listings up until 2012, so the RSS was active until then…
Maybe our community manager @DKirch might be able to pull some strings with the webmasters if we ask nicely? :slight_smile:



Lemme ping our web team to see what they say! Happy to ask!


Hey all!

Our Web team was enthusiastic about the suggestion! I don’t have a timeline on when anything would be implemented but looks like the wheels are in motion.

Thanks so much for bringing it to our attention!



By the way… This is BY FAR the best forum software I have ever used in my life. It’s just a real joy to use it.
I’m known to be really critical about things but I have nothing bad to say about this. I’ve said it.

But, :grin:
Would it be nice if there was a crawler examining the posts tagging the resin names so one could quickly filter the vast community experience by relevant resin?


Too bad the RSS feed is still down…
Bringing this to the top!