Black plus Grey Pro


I was using black resin but the cartridge ran out. I want to use Grey pro from now on, there is about 150ml of black resin in the tank which I do not want to throw away. Is it okay to just plug the grey pro cartridge in and let them mix?

Has anyone done this before?

I would absolutely not recommend this, but it depends on your needs.
While some resin are mixable because they have basically the same chemical composition (like all standard resins like Clear, Grey, Black and White), other resin are quite different. One thing that raises a red flag for me is the fact that Grey Pro requires an LT tank, probably because of chemical incompatibility with the PDMS int he standard tanks. Another would be that the amount of pigment in Black is probably vastly different from Grey Pro and as such the laser settings should be different.

If you are using Grey Pro for it’s dimensional accuracy and reliability, it would probably throw things off to mix it with a chemically different, pigment-heavy Black resin.

If you just want to use the rest of your resin, just launch small prints with the empty Black resin plugged in and override the low resin warning. If you print small part you’ll be able to use at least the 2/3rd of your 150ml.

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Thanks for the fantastic advice John. I will do exactly that.
How do I override the low resin warning?

I do not recall the exact wording but after launching the print you will be getting a series of messages on the printer regarding the resin level. With these messages you can either abort/cancel the print or continue. The printer will ultimately allow you to continue printing even though it thinks/knows the cartridge is empty.

While doing that the print time may be significantly longer because the printer will perform the resin level check and try to dispense from the cartridge much more often than normally.

Sounds like there needs to be a firmware update to allow users to take the risk of running on empty cartridge. Thanks John. I will do as you advised.

There are two warnings the printer can make.

One is the “I think the cartridge is empty”…

The other is “I now know for sure the cartridge is empty, do you want to continue on your own risk?”

When that second question happens, you just press continue and it continues printing without checking the resin level.

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For me the low resin warnings always lead to the print cartridge removed warnings. It’s quite annoying.

If you have smaller prints it should probably work fine.

It is allowed, it just warns you that the cartridge is empty then you can carry on :wink:
You are welcome, best of luck using the last bits of resin in your tank !

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